Northern Spray GY 190

Northern Spray built 08/1936 in Germany by Deutsche sch u mschb at Bremen for Mac Line Ltd of Fleetwood LO 140
She was transferred to Grimsby and sailed with the Northern Fleet
1939 Requisitioned as an Armed Boarding Vessel and an Anti Submarine Trawler 1945 Returned
02/1946 she went to the Hull Ice Co 11/1946 Transferred to Northerns at Grimsby registered as GY 190
02/1950 She was converted to Oil from Coal 
23/10/1963 She was Wrecked at 66.29 N x 06 W

Another incident during the vessels career
The article below is taken from the Times Newspaper

                                                The Times, Monday, Oct 28, 1963; pg. 9; Issue 55843; col C
     British Skipper Fined In Iceland
Category: Law

She was declared a Total Constructive Loss 11/08/1964 

  Here are the Details

  • Official No 165339
  • 620 GT 238 NT
  • Dimensions 188.1 x 28.1 x 15.5
  • Foc’sle 31′
  • Funnel Colours Grey with black top separated by white band

The Painting is by Steve Farrow and is part of his collection  shown here with his permission

Scrapped 1968