Passing GY 877

PASSING built 21/08/1913 Cook Welton & Gemmell for South Western Steam Fishing Co Grimsby
06/11/1913 Sold to Alec Black Grimsby
08/1914 Requisitioned as a mine sweeper
14/10/1914 went to South Western Steam Fishing Co Grimsby
19/12/1914, North Sea Lt G Parsons. Badly holed, first to be mined down by the bows, badly on fire, steam-pipe severed and blowing off steam. Assisted by sweeping partner, then towed stern-first across Cayton Bay by paddle minesweeper Brighton Queen and beached on Scarborough Sands No lives lost. 
Salvaged and put back into service
19/06/1917 went to North Western Steam Fishing Co Grimsby
1920 Returned
17/06/1920 went to Pecheries A Vap Congo Bonaire Belgium Renamed Boula Matari O 130
14/02/1925 went to La Morue Francaise Et Secheries De Fecamp France Renamed Pacifique SPM 121
14/12/1928 While fishing off Newfoundland the French Trawlers Commandant Emaille, Mount Kemmel and Asie picked up a faint distress call from the Pacifique
However no trace was found of the vessel

Her Details are 

  • Official Number 135966
  • Yard Number 261
  • Admiralty Number FY 58, FY 1542
  • Armament 1-12pdr
  • GT 459 NT 291
  • Dimensions 160.0 x 26.0
  • Engines Amos & Smith 68 nhp 10.0 knots

01/1929 Vessel posted as missing lost with all hands