Pataudi GY 104

Built for Consolidated Steam Fishing & Ice Co as JEAN EVA
04/1942 went to Bunch Steam Fishing Co Became WOLVES
08/1939 Rqd as A/S
Returned 10/1945
06/1947 Renamed PATAUDI For Crampins
During the WW2 she carried the Pennant of FY 158, she was Requisitioned as an Anti Submarine vessel Returning after the war on 10/1945 
My Grandfather First signed on as a deck hand 14/02/1948 until 12/03/1948 to gain Deep Sea Fishing experience. 
The 2nd trip was again as deck hand 22/03/1948 to 17/07/1948
However the next trip he signs on as Mate 16/08/1948 until 10/09/1948, Takes a break signing on with the Barnett only to return to the Pataudi as deck hand 25/01/1949 until 21/03/1949. 
Next he takes a couple of trips with the Pollard until 15/10/1949 where he signs on as 3rd mate until 23/10/1949.
On his last trip on the Pataudi which started 24/10/1949, The skipper unfortunately died and being the only person on board with a valid skippers ticket was asked by the owners to take charge for the remainder of the trip which ended on 28/12/1949, below is the telegram he received from the owners wishing him the best of luck. 

Her Details Are

  • GT 422 NT 161
  • Call Sign GYCP
  • Dimensions 157′ x 26.7′ x 12.3′
  • Quarter deck 84′ and the Fo’scle 27′
  • Triple Cyl 13.5″, 22.5″ & 39″ x 26″
  • Boiler 1 SB 225lb Spt Yard Number 977

Scrapped 05/1961