Ross Cougar GY 531

Ross Cougar was built by Cochranes of Selby on 11/12/1957 and was completed on 06/1958. 
Built for Derwent Trawlers. 
She went on 01/1959 to Ross trawlers. Then on 10/1959 went to Yorkshire trawlers. 
Next was 04/1962 to G F Sleights. 
On 10/1967 she went back to Ross Trawlers before eventually to 11/1969 British United Trawlers. 
03/1979 went back to G F Sleight, 05/1985 No longer fishing, became Rig Stand By vessel 

Here are the Details 

  • Official No 181349
  • Call Sign MYGV
  • Yard No 1428
  • 355 GT 127 NT
  • Dimensions 127.5 x 26.5 x 13
  • Q 67′ F 24′ 
  • Funnel Colours Blue with black top and blue letters B U T between wavy blue lines on a white band.