Sargon GY 305

Saragon built 06/04/1897 Cook Welton & Gemmell for Standard Steam Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby 01/03/1912 she went to Port of Blyth Steam Fishing Co Blyth and renamed Lord Selborne BH 91 10/12/1914 Sold to Beacon Steam Fishing Co Grimsby and registered as GY 392 14/09/1916 Sold to Allen Steam Fishing Co Grimsby  12/12/1916 renamed Cynthia 1917 Requisitioned by the Royal Navy for Fishery Reserve 1919 Returned to owners 09/04/1919 Went to Fred Beacon Grimsby 04/06/1919 Sold to Economy Steam Fishing Co Grimsby 05/03/1920 Bought by Harold Bacon, Grimsby  26/03/1920 Sold to Trawlers White Sea & Grimsby 05/11/1945 went to London (Grimsby) Ltd Grimsby 08/04/1948 went to Ravendale Trawlers Grimsby 22/12/1951 Sold to James Mowatt Aberdeen and re registered A 697 1953 she was sold to BISCO and allocated to Malcolm Brechin Granton 18/03/1953 Registration closed on advice that the vessel was broken up

Her Details are

  • Official Number 108464
  • Yard Number 184
  • GT 167 NT 68
  • Dimensions 108.7 x 20.7 x 11
  • Engines by C D Holmes 50 NHP 9.5 Knots

Registration closed 18/03/1953 on advice that the vessel was broken up