Northern Sun GY 2

The Northern Sun was built by Cochrane & Sons of Selby in 1956.
Original name Wyre Mariner FD 34
She sailed out of Fleetwood for part of her career and during this time landed over 1 Million Pounds worth of Fish before leaving for Grimsby to sail with the Northern Fleet on 04/1968.

She registered as GY 2 but retained the original name. 
05/1968 Renamed
She was the largest trawler of the Northern Fleet 

Here are the Details

  • Official Number 187848
  • Yard Number 1412
  • GT 657 NT 244
  • Dimensions 169 x 30.5 x 16
  • Foc’sle 28′
  • Funnel Colours Blue with black top and Blue Letters B U T between wavy Blue Lines on white band

 She was Finally Scrapped in 1976


Northern Queen GY 124

The Northern Queen built 09/01/1950 by Cook, Welton & Gemmell for Northern Trawlers of Grimsby.
1971 Refurbished at Humber Graving Dock
1975 Sold to B.U.T Grimsby
21/04/1976 Sold for Scrap to Kibon Vickers Sheffield allocated to London Demolition Shipbreakers

Photo Supplied by Photomarine
Painting By Steve Farrow

Here are the details 

  • Official Number 182642
  • Yard Number 815
  • Call Sign GGJN
  • GT 677 NT 251
  • Dimensions 181.7 x 31.1 x 16
  • Engine C D Holmes 1075 ihp 12.8 knots
  • Funnel Colours Grey with black top separated by white band 

 09/08/1976 Left Grimsby in Tow for Dartford for Breaking up


Northern Prince GY 121

The Northern Prince was built in 1949 by Cook, Welton & Gemmel of Beverly for Northern Trawlers Ltd Grimsby
1975 Sold to B.U.T Grimsby
25/06/1975 Sold for Scrap to C F Booth Rotherham
Allocated to Blyth Shipbreakers & repairers

Photo Supplied by Photomarine

Here are the Details

  • Official Number  182641
  • Yard Number 814
  • Call Sign  GFRM
  • GT 677 NT 251
  • Dimensions  181.7 x 31.1 x  16
  • Engines C D Holmes 1075 ihp 13 knots
  • Funnel Colours  Grey  with black top  separated  by white  band

The vessel was scrapped 1976 


Northern Eagle GY 22

The Northern Eagle was built in 1956 in Germany at Bremerhaven by Rickmers Werft.

Photo Supplied by Photomarine

An extract from Steve Pulfrey and Paul Kings “The Final Years of the Side Trawlers”

“The Northern Eagle is one of the six oil burners built by Rickmers Werft. The outline of the vessel can only be described as Majestic with the triple deck accommadation and high flared bow. Although somewhat smaller than the Arsenal, Everton and Ross Renown its presence seemed to dominate the surroundings.”  

Her details   

  • Official Number 184937
  • Yard Number 282
  • Call Sign MWLZ
  • GT 701 NT 239
  • Dimensions 189.5′ x 31.1′ x 17.1′
  • Engines 1400hp
  • Funnel colours Grey with black top separated by white band 

 Scrapped 1976 


Boston Valetta GY 333

Boston Valetta Built 22/05/1956 John Lewis & Sons Aberdeen for Don Fishing Co Ltd
06/1961 Transferred to Acadia Fisheries Ltd Halifax Nova Scotia Renamed Acadia Finfare 
1962 Registered as St. Johns
1968 Transferred to Boston Deep Sea Fisheries Lowestoft Renamed Boston Valetta registered LT 256 
1971 Sold to Pounds Shipbreakers & Shipbrokers Ltd Portsmouth 
1972 Transferred to Pounds Marine Shipping Ltd Havant 
1973 Owned by Blythe Securities Ltd London Later sold to Dunedale Ltd 28 Victoria Street Douglas Became Lady Cora 

Her Details are

  • Official Number 184945
  • Yard Number  259 
  • Call Sign MXBL 
  • GT 239 NT 81 
  • Dimensions 108.5 x 24 x 11.5 
  • Foc’sle 18 
  • Engines 6 cylinder 528hp Widdop 

Sold for scrap in 1976 to T. G. Darling Oulton Broad