Courtier GY 564

Courtier built 1910 Cook Welton & Gemmell Beverley for Queen Steam Fishing
01/1915 Requisitioned as a mine sweeper
06/01/1916 North Sea – Skipper Samuel Blissett RNR 
Mined at 8.50pm broke up and sank rapidly off Kilnsea close to Spurn Head Yorkshire 
Skipper and 10 ratings lost 
A trawler commanded by Lt Crossley RNR steamed into the minefield and rescued some of the crew awarded a DSC 
one man rescued alive but Died Of Wounds four days later

SurnameForenamesAge at DeathDate of DeathRankBoat
EDLANDGEORGE WILLIAM3606/01/1916Trimmer CookCourtier

Her Details are 

  • Official Number 127864
  • Yard Number 203
  • Admiralty Number FY 449
  • GT 181 NT 80
  • Dimensions 110.2 x 21.1 x 11.2
  • Quarter Deck 56 Foc’sle 18
  • Engines Charles D. Holmes 55 NHP 10 knots

06/01/1916 Sunk by mine off Kilnsea whilst in Admiralty Service