Courtland GY 35

Courtland Built 1904 Cook Welton & Gemmell Hull for Alec L. Black Grimsby 29/06/1908 Sold to Naam Ven Stoomv Grotius Ijmuiden Holland renamed Grotius  1910 Bought by Christian M. Evensen Thorshaven Færoe Islands renamed Pauline  12/03/1915 Sold to the Earl Steam Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby renamed Earl Granard Registered as GY 449  04/1915 Requisitioned as a minesweeper  1919 Returned to commercial fishing  24/09/1915 Bought by the Rushworth Steam Fishing Co Ltd Grimsby  16/03/1918 Sold to Isaac Bunch Grimsby  22/12/1923 Bought by the Great Central Co-op Engineering & Repair Co Ltd Grimsby  15/06/1928 Sold to Harold Bacon Grimsby  26/09/1930 Bought by T. C. & F. Moss Ltd Grimsby  01/04/1931 Renamed Castleton  11/1939 Requisitioned as an auxiliary patrol vessel  01/1940 Returned to commercial fishing Sank by torpedo  The vessel was off the Orkney Islands at the time of the attack and all 10 of her crew were lost.

Her Details are

  • Official Number 118938
  • Yard Number 61 
  • Admiralty Number FY 2653
  • GT 211 NT 76 
  • Dimensions 115.4 x 21.6 x 11.5 
  • Quarter deck 58 Foc’sle 19 
  • Engines Amos & Smith 65 NHP 10 knots 

Sank by torpedo in the North Sea by U62 on the 26/06/1940