Recepto GY 254

Recepto Built 06/06/1914 Cook Welton & Gemmel for G F Sleight  
11/1914 Requisitioned until 02/1917 Converted to a minesweeper
16/02/1917 North Sea Sweeping with hired trawler Perihelion in Tees BayMined laid by UC.30 Heinrich Stenzler sank off Longscar Buoy off The Heugh Hartlepool about 1 mile from Long Scarr bouy 54.40.20N 01.07.40WSkipper and crew LostBAXTER, Gilbert, Trimmer CAPPLEMAN, Wilkinson, Ty/Skipper
DODDS, Matthew T, Trimmer Cook
LUPTON, Stephen, Deck Hand
MORRIS, Robert, 2nd Hand
PARKER, George, Engineman
TAYLOR, William D, Deck Hand
WATSON, Charles P, Deck Hand
MACIVER, Donald, Leading Seaman
Her details are

  • Official Number 136991
  • Yard number 299
  • Admiralty Number FY 47
  • Gt 245 NT 107
  • Dimensions 120.5 x 22 x 12.3
  • Quarter Deck 67′
  • Engines by C D Holmes 80 NHP 10.5 Knots

16/02/1917 Mined off Longscar Bouyin Tees Bay whilst in Admiralty service The mine was laid by UC 30 on 12/02/1917