Recepto GY 254

Recepto Built 06/06/1914 Cook Welton & Gemmel for G F Sleight  
11/1914 Requisitioned Converted to a minesweeper
16/02/1917 North Sea Sweeping with hired trawler Perihelion in Tees Bay
Mined, laid by UC.30 Heinrich Stenzler
Sank off Longscar Buoy off The Heugh Hartlepool about 1 mile from Long Scarr bouy 54.40.20N 01.07.40W
Skipper and crew Lost

SurnameForenameAge At DeathDate Of DeathRankBoat
LUPTONSTEPHEN GOODWIN2016/02/1917Deck HandH.M. Trawler “Recepto.”
BAXTERGILBERT4916/02/1917TrimmerH.M. Trawler “Recepto.”
DODDSMATTHEW TREWICK2816/02/1917Trimmer CookH.M. Trawler “Recepto.”
CAPPLEMANWILKINSON3216/02/1917SkipperH.M. Trawler “Recepto “
TAYLORWILLIAM DARLINGUnknown16/02/1917Deck HandH.M. Trawler “Recepto”
WATSONCHARLES PERCY2216/02/1917Deck HandH.M. Trawler “Recepto.’
MORRISROBERTUnknown16/02/1917Second HandH.M. Trawler “Recepto.”
PARKERGEORGE3316/02/1917EnginemanH.M. Trawler “Recepto.”
MACIVER3924/02/1917Leading SeamanH.M. Trawler “Recepto.”

Her details are

  • Official Number 136991
  • Yard number 299
  • Admiralty Number FY 47
  • Gt 245 NT 107
  • Dimensions 120.5 x 22 x 12.3
  • Quarter Deck 67′
  • Engines by C D Holmes 80 NHP 10.5 Knots

16/02/1917 Mined off Longscar Bouyin Tees Bay whilst in Admiralty service The mine was laid by UC 30 on 12/02/1917